Nicole Paxson knows firsthand that beauty goes beyond skin deep. For Nicole a long history of struggle with the chronic illness Lupus has granted her the gift of a more beautiful perspective. Since 12-years of age, Nicole survived strenuous bouts of Chemotherapy, sun sensitivities, blood disorders, plus the red "butterfly rash" along her face and body associated with the illness. Today, Nicole is fighting back to change the face of the disease altogether by creating something magical- a cosmetic line that allows all types of women, no matter what challenges they've faced, the ability to regain their confidence through flawless skin.

Like the dramatic transformations in the life of a butterfly, Nicole found her inspiration from the once paralyzing "butterfly rash" associated with the illness. She strategically named each of her products after popular Northern American butterflies: Monarch Creme Foundation, Tropic Queen Bronzer, and Mimosa- butterfly Liquid, are just a few examples of her one-of-a-kind offerings. With maximum coverage for the most problematic of challenges in skincare and the highest SPF sun-protection available in a foundation line, Nicole Paxson Cosmetics are as unique as each butterfly they represent.

To show the world that quality results are of the utmost priority, Nicole has spent over two-years perfecting her product line's formulas with the country's most experienced and cutting edge labs. Her exclusive line of remarkable cosmetics created with the highest UVA/UVB sun-protection offers maximum-coverage pudding, flawless-creme-to-powder foundation, traveling concealing stick, shine-control powder, highlighting skin bronzer, and long-lasting liquid foundation. Most importantly, Nicole ensures that each product is made with the industries most advanced ingredients and enforced by her motto, "when only perfection will do."

As the daughter of television visionary - Bud Paxson and Marla Paxson, Nicole is thankful for the opportunity to find solutions for a better tomorrow. She believes that Nicole Paxson Cosmetics are the perfect products for YOUR skin type and coloration, sensitivity and need. Refined skin, long wearing coverage and high fashion glamour is now available at your fingertips. You too can can aid in the fight, by making a difference one product at a time. Thanks to Nicole's passion and dedication, she remains active in finding a cure by donating a percentage of all proceeds to Lupus and skin disorder research. Take time to get to know Nicole Paxson Cosmetics and allow your true beauty to shine through.